Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome to the Open Classroom Art Room Blog!

Welcome to the Open Classroom Art Room's first blog posting!

It may not be fancy, but consider it an art work in progress, and please feel free to write back with your questions and comments.

Keep posted to find out what your children have been working on throughout the school year with art teachers Kristy Arroyo, Molly Edwards, Wednesday morning art room volunteers Amena Hajjar and Valerie Fowler Daley and other art room related topics.

This first posting will feature photos and brief descriptions of some of the projects we've been working on since December.

Magazine collages of positive affirmations for Martin Luther King Day
("I have a dream . . .") guided by Amena Hajjar.


Valentine's Day bags drying on the line, ready for those Valentines!

Sensory collages using a variety of collage material, paint and glue.

Laurie Riley's 4-6th grade class practiced gesture figure drawings and blind contour drawings during their Tuesday afternoon class with Kristy Arroyo.

A close-up of the blind contour drawing of the San Geronimo School playground.

Collagraph prints and styrofoam relief prints.


 Fruit and vegetable prints of imaginary aliens from another planet, in collaboration with Anita Collison's 3-4th grade class.

Laurie Riley's class practiced looking at the negative space around an object by writing their names and then drawing in the negative space around the letters and coloring in the positive and negative shapes.
It was harder then it looks!

Larry Nigro's class is currently studying the ocean. This was a collage and watercolor project of the sea life above and below the water.

One of the sock puppets created with Louis Fox, a parent volunteer who is currently teaching the children how to use hand puppets.

Our giant purple heart group art project for Valentine's Day.